About Instant Magazine

Quickly create jaw-dropping internal and external communications assets your audience won't easily forget. Instant Magazine produces immersive, media-rich sales and marketing collateral that readers can interact with on any device. Get the data-driven insights you need to continually optimize your content and grow your ROI. Instant Magazine is a creative platform for building interactive, responsive sales and marketing collateral, without help from developers or designers. Check out some examples. Launched in 2013 as a start-up in the Netherlands, the team currently consists of over 60 talented people based in Amsterdam, London and New York. They  serve over 1200 customers in 40+ countries across the world. Their big, hairy audacious goal is that by 2030 they will have reached 10% of the world's population with an Instant Magazine. And they're working hard, together with their customers, to achieve this!

Why you want to be part of this great company?

6 reasons to join Instant Magazine

1. Chance to work at a scale up

2. Domibo's

3. A dedicated team

The first Instant Magazine was published in March 2013, so we're only a few years old! Do you want to grow with us and be a part of our "early years" story? The sky's the limit!

How's a refreshing beer sound on Friday afternoon? Or can you teach us some tricks with table tennis or on the PS4? Show off your skills!

Our team of experts are dedicated to making Instant Magazine BIG. Want to share your expertise with us and learn from us at the same time?

4. Work that has impact

We want to make your work visible. We are an output-orientated company. It’s all about the results.

5. Flexible Working Hours

We're happy with flexible working hours. Nobody's going to be angry if you start later. We promise. The only thing is, if you're late, you have to bring cake! We are crazy about cake.

6. Delicious Cake

Speaking of our love for cake, it's pretty much always available! Our Yvonne can bake amazingly and occasionally brings her delicacies to work.